About the organizations

The symposium Locative Media and Sound Art was organized by Musica, Impulse Centre for Music, and Flanders Festival Kortrijk.

Musica, Impulse Centre for Music

Musica (Neerpelt, Belgium) invites participants to an attentive, artistic journey into sound and music. Musica’s attitude to sound is ecological. It doesn’t use styles or genres as gateways into music, but looks for or invents surroundings where musical creativity can thrive. Be it early or contemporary music, music for babies and toddlers or sound art in public spaces. Musica approaches music as a resonant dialogue between human beings, culture and environment. As an impulse centre for music, Musica keeps up with the latest developments in art, culture and science. That’s the key to staying on the right artistic track and meeting the needs of the world today.

More info about Musica: http://www.musica.be/

Musica has been concerned with sound art and locative media art since a decade. With Klankenbos (‘Sound Forest’), the organisation hosts a unique collection of sound art installations in open air. Exposing works of a.o. Paul Panhuysen, Erwin Stache, Horst Rickels, Pierre Berthet, Klankenbos offers an intense sonic experience in a tranquil natural context.

More info about Klankenbos: http://www.klankatlas.eu/en/projecten/klankenbos/

Interesting locative projects of Musica are:


The Klankatlas (‘Sound Atlas’) maps out the acoustic DNA of Belgian and Dutch Limburg. Navigate between sound art pieces and compositions for and about Limburg. Look for fascinating stories behind everyday sounds or plunge into the musical heritage of Limburg. Discover areas with particular acoustical qualities or rare ‘quiet places’.

See: http://www.klankatlas.eu/


Curvices (2013) is an audiovisual smart phone app developed by Rozalie Hirs (poetry, sound), Cox & Grusenmeyer (design, animation), Yvan vander Sanden (software design and realisation) and Machiel Spaan (spatial design) that accompanies you on your walk through Klankenbos. The forest has been divided into ten zones, virtual spaces, each with their own composition and animation. The app registers your location through the GPS on your cell phone or tablet. If you enter a new zone, the corresponding composition sounds and the animation becomes visible. If you are between zones, you hear a recognizable interlude full of birds and sparkling overtones.

More info about Curvices and download: http://www.klankatlas.eu/en/routes/curvices/

Klankroute Maasland

This sound route with mobile app will take cyclists through the past and present of the countryside of the Maasland region (East of Belgium) guided by the sounds they hear. Interviews with the local population, newly written compositions, the natural sounds of the surroundings and old recordings will take the listener on a journey through the Maasland in the first half of the twentieth century.

More info about Klankroute Maasland and download: http://www.klankatlas.eu/routes/klankroutemaasland/

 Flanders Festival Kortrijk

Flanders Festival Kortrijk is the music festival of southern West Flanders. An attractive project with a programme that transcends the boundaries of many genres, from classical to contemporary, from world music to sound art. Music is the engine of the festival, yet cross-fertilizations with other disciplines are not excluded.

More info about Flandes Festival Kortrijk: http://www.festivalkortrijk.be/

Listen to This

‘Listen to This’ is a collection of sound walks held in the frame of Festival Kortrijk. We are often told that we are bombarded with thousands of visual stimuli. Yet few people are aware of the sound of their environment. Through a number of projects by a variety of sound artists, ‘Listen to This’ points our attention to the sound of the city. An experience you can enjoy every day, thanks to Tourism Kortrijk. In 2013, sound artists David Helbich and Christina Kubisch gave the starting shot with their own sound walk. Since May 10, 2014, the collection has been expanded with a new walk by the Japanese Akio Suzuki.

More info about Listen to This: http://www.festivalkortrijk.be/en/program/listen-to-this/

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